Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

  • Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet Hospital?

    Dealing with sick pets can be a tricky dilemma for owners. On the one hand, their pet could have nothing more than the simple flu or a very minor upset stomach, but on the other hand, they could be dealing with immense amounts of pain and simply cannot communicate it. So, how do you know when to take them to a vet hospital? The simple answer is that whenever in doubt, you should take them to get checked up as it is better to be safe than sorry, but if you are looking for some concrete proof that your pet needs to be seen by a vet here are some signs to look for.

  • Want A Dog? Top Reasons To Get Your Next Pet From A Breeder

    Adding a dog to the family is a wonderful way to bring new levels of delight to your daily experience. Dogs are so much fun to play with, and taking them out for walks lets you get in your exercise without it actually feeling like you are doing so. Maybe you've been thinking about adopting a furry friend and have even taken your family over to a local pet shop to see what is available.

  • 2 Reasons Why Havanese Puppies Make Excellent Family Dogs

    After careful consideration, you may have decided that it is time to welcome a new puppy into your household. However, since you may have small children or even other animals, you may find yourself searching for a breed that will fit right into your home's current environment. While deciding on which breed of puppy to adopt, one that you may wish to consider is the Havanese breed. Besides being adorable, toy-sized balls of fluff, there are a couple of additional reasons why one of these puppies would make an excellent addition to your family.

  • 3 Tips For Finding Modern Amenities In A Doggie Daycare

    Making sure that your dog is comfortable staying at a daycare facility can be one of your top concerns when you need your dog to get proper care while you're gone. When you need to take your dog somewhere while you're at work, it's best to see what amenities make the most sense and are available at a daycare facility. Before choosing a daycare to bring your dog to, consider the following tips for making sure that they're comfortable.

  • 5 Reasons Long-Haired Dogs Especially Need Regular Grooming

    While all dogs can benefit from professional grooming, a long-haired dog may have more reasons to require regular grooming for health and comfort. For instance, long-haired dogs can get matted coats if they are not regularly groomed. Here are a few reasons why regular grooming is especially important for long-haired dogs. Keeping Your Dog's Vision and Eyes Clear A dog with a long, floppy, mop-like hairdo may be cute, but long hair can actually block your dog's field of vision.

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Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

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