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Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Why Some Doggie Daycares Have "Interviews"

by Sandra Butler

If you want to take your dog to a local doggie daycare, you may be surprised to learn that they typically want to schedule an "interview" or meet-and-greet with your dog prior to their first visit. More and more doggie daycares are doing this, and while it may sound strange at first, there are actually very good reasons for it. Here are some of the key reasons doggie daycares schedule interviews with first-time customers.

To ensure your dog will get along with others

Doggie daycares are social settings for dogs. While some have setups that allow them to keep dogs separate, most keep the dogs in small groups throughout the day and do group activities with them. As you can probably imagine, having one dog who plays too rough or gets aggressive can ruin the playtime experience for the whole group. So, to protect your dog and others, the doggie daycare likes to meet each dog in person and ensure they are well behaved prior to their first visit. Don't worry if your dog is not perfect. As long as they are generally kind and safe, this part should be fine.

To ensure they have all their shots and preventatives

Doggie daycares typically require attendees to have all of their core vaccines. Many also require the dogs to be on flea and tick medications. Some also require them to be wormed regularly. Verifying all of the paperwork related to these requirements can take a while, so doggie daycares often like to do it at an interview rather than before your first visit when you're in a hurry to drop off your dog and get on with your day.

To ensure you understand what the daycare offers

While the majority of the interview will likely focus on your dog, part of it will be for your benefit, too. This is a chance for the daycare staff to tell you all about what they offer, what their policies are, and what options you have. It's also a chance for you to ask questions. This can all be done more thoroughly in a scheduled interview than right before your first visit. Plus, this way, you still have time to weigh the daycare's options and decide whether or not it's the right place for your dog.

If a doggie daycare asks to schedule an interview with you and your pup, don't be alarmed. This is fairly standard practice and is done for good reasons. Keep these tips in mind when looking for doggie daycare services near you.


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