Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

  • Why Some Doggie Daycares Have "Interviews"

    If you want to take your dog to a local doggie daycare, you may be surprised to learn that they typically want to schedule an "interview" or meet-and-greet with your dog prior to their first visit. More and more doggie daycares are doing this, and while it may sound strange at first, there are actually very good reasons for it. Here are some of the key reasons doggie daycares schedule interviews with first-time customers.

  • Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet Hospital?

    Dealing with sick pets can be a tricky dilemma for owners. On the one hand, their pet could have nothing more than the simple flu or a very minor upset stomach, but on the other hand, they could be dealing with immense amounts of pain and simply cannot communicate it. So, how do you know when to take them to a vet hospital? The simple answer is that whenever in doubt, you should take them to get checked up as it is better to be safe than sorry, but if you are looking for some concrete proof that your pet needs to be seen by a vet here are some signs to look for.

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Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Nothing is quite like the bond you develop with a pet. You and your dog know each other to the core. You and your cat have your own way of communicating, even though you do not speak their language. These pets are, in a very real sense, your friends — but they are friends you have the responsibility of caring for completely. Determining what the best care for your pet really is can be a challenge. That's why we created this blog. The articles collected here will help you become a better owner and a better friend to your furry companion, whether they're a cat, dog, rabbit, or other species entirely.