Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Want A Dog? Top Reasons To Get Your Next Pet From A Breeder

by Sandra Butler

Adding a dog to the family is a wonderful way to bring new levels of delight to your daily experience. Dogs are so much fun to play with, and taking them out for walks lets you get in your exercise without it actually feeling like you are doing so. Maybe you've been thinking about adopting a furry friend and have even taken your family over to a local pet shop to see what is available. However, before you purchase from the pet shop, check out why you should choose to get your next pet from a dog breeder.

Dog Breeders Disclose The History Of The Animals

It's always important to know where your dog has come from. You might get a doggie from a store but may not be certain of its origins. What if the dog was subjected to extreme trauma that has left it with deficiencies that are not visible to the naked eye? Bringing in a pet only to find out you must relinquish them because they are anxious or angry can be extremely hurtful, especially if you have grown attached to the animal.

Breeders who have been in the industry for quite some time understand how vital it is for owners to know where their dog came from. Some breeders will even allow you to meet the parents of your future dog and interact with them to witness their temperament. This helps to cut down on unpleasant surprises so you and your pet can be together for a very long time.

A Health Guarantee Is A Must

When you get your pet from a physical store, it's usually a one-and-done affair. Sales may be final, so if you discover a major health issue that wasn't apparent on the surface, you typically can't rely on the pet store owners to assist you with medical bills. Caring for a sick animal can deplete all of your funds very quickly, leaving you between a rock and a hard place. It's so much better to go to a reputable breeder. They can give you a full rundown on the health status of your pet and may include a health guarantee in case something happens within a certain period of time.

Breeders have intimate knowledge of the animals they deal with that can be very helpful for you to learn. Contact someone like a Shih-Tzu dog breeder in your area to learn more.


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