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Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

2 Reasons Why Havanese Puppies Make Excellent Family Dogs

by Sandra Butler

After careful consideration, you may have decided that it is time to welcome a new puppy into your household. However, since you may have small children or even other animals, you may find yourself searching for a breed that will fit right into your home's current environment.

While deciding on which breed of puppy to adopt, one that you may wish to consider is the Havanese breed. Besides being adorable, toy-sized balls of fluff, there are a couple of additional reasons why one of these puppies would make an excellent addition to your family.

1.  Calm Disposition Makes Them Ideal to Be Around Children and Other Pets

One reason why you may want to consider adopting a Havanese puppy is that they have a calm disposition. Unlike other toy breeds that you may have had dealings with in the past, these puppies are not hyper and have innate loving personalities.

Because of their calm disposition, they are not prone to snapping at other dogs, cats, or children. And while they enjoy a nap or love to quietly look out the window, they become very playful when you, your child, or another pet get excited about playing with them.

2.  Eagerness to Please Makes Them Easier to Train than Other Small Breeds

Another personality trait that may make a Havanese puppy ideal for your household is their eagerness to please. With other smaller breeds, the dogs tend to have a stubborn disposition, making them more difficult to train or housebreak.

When you are relaxed and overall happy, they feel and act the same way. If you show enthusiasm each time your Havanese puppy listens and follows instructions, they will become excited about doing the right thing.

Because of their high intelligence, they will remember the praise and excitement the next time a particular behavior is desired. This ability to remember the praise and act on it quickly can make it easier to train them faster than other breeds, which helps to create a calmer home environment.

Along with the above reasons to adopt one of these adorable puppies, Havanese dogs tend to have a healthier, longer life because they have fewer health issues than many toy dog breeds. Their fur is also hypoallergenic, meaning they are suitable for households that have members who suffer from allergies. For more information about their personality and care, speak with a breeder who offers purebred Havanese puppies for sale near you.


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