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Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

3 Tips For Finding Modern Amenities In A Doggie Daycare

by Sandra Butler

Making sure that your dog is comfortable staying at a daycare facility can be one of your top concerns when you need your dog to get proper care while you're gone. When you need to take your dog somewhere while you're at work, it's best to see what amenities make the most sense and are available at a daycare facility.

Before choosing a daycare to bring your dog to, consider the following tips for making sure that they're comfortable.

Prioritize Medical Services

As you check different daycare facilities, you'll likely notice that some have medical services available if needed. This can be so important if your dog has special needs or is older and will need monitoring more than a younger dog.

Checking what medical services you would like access to and eliminating daycare facilities based on this information can help you keep your dog safe. This could mean being close to a vet clinic or even having trained vet assistants working at the daycare full-time.

Ask About Webcam Access

When you compare the different daycares, you may be interested in having access to a webcam service to monitor your dog. Being able to check on your dog can be so helpful and reassuring when it's your first time having your dog away from home.

Since not every daycare provides webcam access, you'll need to check if this is an option and what you can expect for this service. This could mean being able to access the webcam via smartphone or even adjusting the angle of the camera with the controls.

Look Into the Communication

Making sure that your dog receives great care can be a lot easier when you find a daycare facility that is open with their communication. Being able to text or use an online portal to schedule and pay for your dog's stay can be so useful for staying in touch, making any requests, or rescheduling when your dog needs to stay at the daycare.

Asking about the method of communication used can help you make sure that you're comfortable with your dog staying at the facility.

As you compare different daycares that your dog can stay at, you'll have an easier time deciding with the amenities provided in mind. Instead of being disappointed by the care for your dog or the features the daycare comes with, the above tips can help you choose features that can make a big difference in the quality of your dog's care.

To learn more about your options, reach out to a local pet service.


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