Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

Friends With Fur: A Pet Blog

How To Train Your New Puppy For Pet Boarding

by Sandra Butler

Adopting a new puppy into your family is an exciting time. You will spend a lot of time teaching and training your new dog as they grow, and sometimes, pet owners can overlook the need to get puppies used to spending time in pet daycare.

Here are some simple things you can do to train your puppy and prepare for boarding for the first time.

Make Sure Your Dog is Properly Vaccinated

Puppies should not stay in a boarding facility for pets until they are safe with all the needed vaccines. If your dog needs watched before they have been fully immunized, you might need to hire a pet sitter instead of depending on a boarding facility.

Puppies can get kennel cough, parvo, and other life-threatening illnesses if they go to a place with a lot of other animals without vaccines.

Help Your Puppy Get Used to Spending Nights in the Kennel

You might not like the sound of your new puppy crying at night, so you let them sleep next to you. This is comforting, but when it comes time to stay at a boarding care facility, your puppy might struggle to sleep alone.

Help to get your dog used to sleeping in the kennel by giving treats when they enter it. You can also move your puppy into the kennel after they fall asleep. Puppies sleep hard and often, so helping them associate the kennel with rest will make it much easier for them to stay in a kennel when you are away and when they are boarding.

Use a Comfort Item Consistently

When you bring your new puppy home, you might give them a special stuffed animal or blanket that they can cuddle with when they are feeling anxious or when they want to feel calm before sleep. If you use a comfort item consistently, your puppy can bring it with them when they stay away from home. Items that smell like home will help the first night away to go more smoothly.

Give Treats When Visiting New Places

Gradually introduce your puppy to plenty of new places when they are young, and give treats for behavior that shows interest and excitement to explore something new. When you visit the boarding facility for the first time, allow your pup to sniff and explore, and give plenty of praise and encouragement. This way, you can form a positive association with the place, and your puppy can feel more confident about staying there.

For more information on dog training, contact a business that offers dog obedience lessons in your area. 


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